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MacBook a Photographer’s Dream?

In a world where the photographer is looking to travel lighter, mirrorless cameras have made a big impact. We can now go out into the street and the field with a whole kit in a small shoulder bag rather than a large packsack. This miniaturization has allowed more discrete street photography without compromising quality. Landscape … Continue reading

The Great Megapixel Con

Sensor Size and Pixel Size You can not pick up a camera or smartphone without hearing about its megapixel count and at face value you might conclude the more megapixels the better. Megapixels do tell you the resolution or sharpness of the image you will get when you post it or print it, but it … Continue reading

Best in Class 2014: Until Photokina Changes the Landscape

Conclusion 4/3″: Panasonic GM1 and Olympus OM-D series APSC: Fujifilm X-T1 Full Frame: Sony A series What Is Never in the Running The chart below assumes the sensor size of 35mm or “full frame” is 100%. Using a percentage is a much more revealing way of comparing sensor size. If you look at the iPhone … Continue reading

Smartphones Sensor Eclipse Point and Shoot Cameras

Cell phone sensors, in the new Nokia phones, are now as large or larger than point and shoot cameras, a new gold standard for camera sensors in smartphones. Keeping in mind that it is not megapixels that determine the quality of your pictures, it is the sensor size and its technology. The larger the sensor … Continue reading

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