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Leica Full Frame Fixed Lens!

Leica quietly announce the new “Q” full frame fixed lens camera. This 28mm camera has a f/1.7 lens, amazingly fast with an almost silent leaf shutter. The only other camera on the market that is similar is the Sony RX1 but the Q has what the RX1R failed to deliver; a range finder experience in an EVF … Continue reading

Sony A7 Series a Contempation

Sony has been producing full frame mirrorless interchangeable cameras since October 2013, prior to this time the only full frame mirrorless camera was a Leica rangefinder which started at $6000. Since 2013 Sony has produced and A7 (now selling at $1500), the A7R $2300 in Oct 2013, the A7S $2500 in April 2014 and then the … Continue reading

The Great Megapixel Con

Sensor Size and Pixel Size You can not pick up a camera or smartphone without hearing about its megapixel count and at face value you might conclude the more megapixels the better. Megapixels do tell you the resolution or sharpness of the image you will get when you post it or print it, but it … Continue reading

Best in Class 2014: Until Photokina Changes the Landscape

Conclusion 4/3″: Panasonic GM1 and Olympus OM-D series APSC: Fujifilm X-T1 Full Frame: Sony A series What Is Never in the Running The chart below assumes the sensor size of 35mm or “full frame” is 100%. Using a percentage is a much more revealing way of comparing sensor size. If you look at the iPhone … Continue reading

Fujifilm X Series: X-T1 versus X-E2

If you currently own a Fujifilm X-E1, which was the camera of the year when it came out, you are likely thinking about upgrading, but to which camera the X-T1 or the X-E2. Or if you are thinking getting into a mirrorless camera the X-T1 or X-E2 should be on the top of your list, … Continue reading

Julia’s Predicament: Getting off the Auto Setting

As you may recall in a previous post we talked about Julia’s Predicament, essentially about moving away from the low quality point and shoot cameras to an APSC sensor camera. Having seen the significant difference between the sensor size of a point and shoot and an APSC camera, and the fact that APSC mirrorless cameras … Continue reading

All Cameras are Not the Same

I recently read an article on the Steve Huff Photo blog titled Quick Comparison: Fuji X-E2, Sony A7 and Olympus E-M1. He ran a comparison between a 4/3 camera (the Olympus), an APSC sensor camera (the X-E2) and a full frame camera (the Sony A7). I found the article very informative and his examples very useful. However … Continue reading

How to Replace my Nikon D700

Recently Kasper reached out by email to his fellow photographers to get some advice on how to replace her Nikon D700 full frame camera. Having a lot of Nikon glass in her kit already Canon was not a consideration. He had been shown the following possibilities a Nikon Df, D800, D610 and N1. He has … Continue reading

Dear Mr. Kawahara of Fujifilm

In your recent interview ( http://youtu.be/_gGsoBUIFrM ) you were asked if there were any plans to create a full frame mirrorless camera along the lines of the X series. Your response suggested you would be open to this if you customers could articulate the need. So let me have a try at explaining why there would … Continue reading

Lens Conversion Table to a 35mm Standard

In order to understand how lenses work on different cameras one needs to be constantly converting. For example a 50mm lens of a full frame sensor is 50mm, so it is neither wide angle or telephoto. If you put this same lens on an APSC sensor you need to multiply by 1.5, once you have … Continue reading

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