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Fujifilm X-T2

Today Fujifilm released their long rumoured and anticipated X-T2 moving the T from 16 megapixels to 24, and including dual SD slots. The reviews below all reflect a general agreement the this is a great camera, perhaps the APSC camera of the year, it may well be more popular than the X-Pro 2 released early this year. I think this camera really kills the DSLR APSC camera market if not the full frame DSLR market.

Certainly if you are upgrading to more professional gear why would you buy a DSLR, your either going to by a Fujifilm APSC camera or a Sony Alpha series camera.

Fujifilm Release

Fujifilm X-T2 release document July 7, 2016. 


Australian Fujifilm Guys

Australian Fujifilm Guys, Leigh Diprose and Warrewyk Williams talk about the stand-out features on the new Fujifilm X-T2.
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B&H Review

B&H Unveiling: Fujifilm Enhances Autofocus and Adds 4K to the X-T2.
Click here for summary and video

Camera Labs Review

“… I’m already very impressed with what I’ve seen and can’t wait to start shooting with it! If it performs as hoped, it will almost certainly find itself in my bag.”
Click here for review and video

Ian MacDonald Photography

His first impressions of the camera … “I am incredibly happy with my gear pack with [X-Pro2 and X100], but I can say with little hesitation that I think the X-T2 will be Fujifilm’s best selling camera to date.
Click here for review

Jonasrask Photography

The X-T2 is the absolute best camera Fujifilm has to offer for the working photographer. It has great speed, great controls and great image quality. It really is a fantastic allround camera that will work very well no matter the situation you put it in. It marks a very effective top of the line in the X-T series.
Click here for review

Photo Rumors

X-T2 Videos

Fuji Rumors

Ten things you might have missed today  about the X-T2.


Damien Lovegrove’s review of the new X-T2.I am delighted to say that in my opinion the size and feel of the X-T2 is spot on. The buttons and dials are superbly designed and have exactly the right feel. The continual consultation process with photographers that Fujifilm implements has paid off in the camera design. The best bits of the new X-Pro2 have been incorporated in the X-T2 and the performance jump from the X-T1 is very significant indeed. This is the camera I’ve been waiting for and It’s a delight to use.”




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