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Dear Mr. Kawahara of Fujifilm

In your recent interview ( http://youtu.be/_gGsoBUIFrM ) you were asked if there were any plans to create a full frame mirrorless camera along the lines of the X series. Your response suggested you would be open to this if you customers could articulate the need.

So let me have a try at explaining why there would be a need for such a camera:

  1. Full frame cameras are much better at higher resolution, this higher resolution can give your photograph that extra pop or juice that sells the print.
  2. Full frame cameras handle lower light situations much better, and this allows you to shoot where an APSC camera struggles. So it makes the camera that much more usable.
  3. Better resolution and low light performance are things “prosumers” and “pros” understand and are willing to spend to get.
  4. Current full frame cameras, with the exception of Leica, are enormous and make very poor street cameras. A Fujifilm full frame could develop a whole new market of street photographers, who can not afford a Leica and cannot use a DSLR.
  5. Nikon and Canon seem to be reluctant to get into this market, and their efforts in this direction have produced cameras that have not hit the mark. So there is very little real competition.
  6. Sony’s A7 seems an interesting entry but their lens quality is questionable and the lenses are very bulky. Why would you buy a full frame camera without access to quality glass.
  7. Fujifilm is better situated to create excellence in this area, as they have superior processor and sensor technology. They could produce a 24 megapixel full frame with 36 megapixel resolution. Best of both worlds low light and high resolution.
  8. Fujifilm is better situated to produce quality lenses. One just has to look at the quality of their x mount lenses compared to other APSC mirrorless camera lenses. Sony for example produces larger, lower quality lenses for their NEX cameras.
  9. Fujifilm has simplicity of design, their dial and lens driven cameras, appeal to both the profession photographer and new photographers who just want a camera that is simple to operate.
  10. A simple to operate full frame camera appeals to everyone, so there might be a new market for entry level photographers who want quality and appreciate the Fujifilm simplicity of operation.


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