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CES 2012: My Take on the Best of Show

The Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas has brought with it a lot of exciting news for cameras. I think for the first time in a number of years we have a large selection of high end cameras to choose from. I have looked through the specifications and select six camera, that have exciting cutting edge technology.

Leica’s M9p is still the gold standard for a small full frame rangefinder camera, and because it has no low pass filter the colour and resolution on this camera is superb. At CES Nikon announced a D4 camera, their flagship rig, designed to be able to automatically focus and shoot in candle light, its ISO range is very impressive. On its heels will be a D800 (replacement for the D700) rumoured to be released this February. They say it will have a 36 megapixel sensor with a resolution of 7360 x 4912, this will make a stunning landscape camera, capable of massive highly detailed prints.

Then there are two 1.5 crop sensor cameras that have noteworthy specification, first the Sony NEX 7 that was released in the fall. This is the smallest of them all, and is advertised to have an amazing 24.5 megapixel sensor with a resolution of 4896 x 3264. It also has a peaking focus mechanism that colourizes all areas in focus, thus makes it very clear to see the depth of field. No other camera has this style of focusing. Finally the latest announcement is the long awaited Fuji x-Pro1, which has a number of very desirable features:

  1. It has no optical low pass filter (like the Leica) however they have replaced it with a colour array and a grain inspired matrix. This array optimizes colour and quality by using a 6 x 6 array (instead of the standard 4 x4 array on all other cameras) so it is a 36 pixel array rather than a 4 pixel array. This Fuji claims creates the same resolution and signal to noise standard as a full sensor camera.
  2. To run this system it has a brand new CMOSTM processor.
  3. It has three high end prime lenses designed for the camera already available.
  4. It also has a Fiji adaptor for Leica lenses.
  5. The removal of the low pass filter brings the lenses closer to the sensor, which minimizes back focus creating high resolution right to the edge of the image.
  6. It has a hybrid viewfinder that switches instantly from optical to electronic.
So you can see lots of exciting choices. I have taken the time to list the cameras on a grid so that their key specifications can be compared. Those specification that are found in white are the ones that I feel are most important to review.



One thought on “CES 2012: My Take on the Best of Show

  1. there sure is a wide range of prices

    Posted by phyllis schwartz | January 23, 2012, 4:38 pm

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