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Photographing while Travelling

In a recent article by Dave Haggarty he put forward a few basic tips for photographing while you travel:

  1. Try and locate your hotel within five minutes of where you want to shoot.
  2. Scout your various shoot sites before hand making note of activities, vantage points and proximity of the various shooting spots.
  3. When travelling schedule at least 3 days in good shooting spots in order to allow for review, recovery and rest.
  4. Avoid city tours but look into private tours as they are good value. He estimates they are about 20% more but then you have a dedicated resource who will focus on photography sites, getting past the line ups and interpret for you.
  5. Keep a small waterproof camera with you for those impossible days. It will also serve you well in concert halls and other difficult to access interiors.
This might be obvious, but a good reminder, you need to be settle into your accommodation at least two hours before magic hours to make the best of the evenings shoot. 


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